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After several business trips during summer it was finally time for holidays. The destination was Turkey, first Iskenderun in the very south, second was Istanbul. Even if Iskenderun and the Hatay Province border Syria there was no sign that there was a war just across the border. Still it was some sort of strange feeling. The Hatay region was never very touristic. Antakya, the capital, has some sights but other than that there is not that much to see as in other parts of the country. Iskenderun is an industry town at the Mediterranean Sea. The climate still was very hot and humid, on the other side the water was very warm.
Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world – different cultures, big monuments and an even bigger history. I have been a couple of times already. Right now with the political situation many tourists are too afraid to go. Sometimes I felt like I was the only European around – very strange. There was a lot of police on the streets and I never felt unsafe. This time I wanted to do some dusk pictures, especially a view of the Maidens Tower (Leanderturm) and from the Galata Tower. Both came out quite nice. Other than that I had lots of very good food (expect Ice Cream) and did some great shopping in the Bazaar.

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