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Last weekend I did some wedding photography at the Turkish wedding of Nesrin and Hasan what I really enjoyed. For me it was the first time at a Turkish wedding and it is very different from ours. Starting with picking up the bride at her parents home and paying money to let her go, lots of very loud Turkish music (which is not soooo easy to listen to for us Germans 😉 ). Everyone was dancing and having fun. I put more than 200 pictures on my homepage. You have to use following link:

It was not so easy to photograph because sometimes you just do not know what happens next and where to go. For the next Turkish wedding I know better. And there was a Filmmaker and his bright lights from the camera annoyed me ;). Next time I will bring a bigger flash and annoy him!

The picture below is from the hairdresser. It took 5 hours (of which I experienced 2). Girls…

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