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This spring another European capital was on the travel list – Warsaw the capital of Poland. Sadly LOT cancelled the direct flight from Stuttgart, instead we had to fly via Frankfurt with a 3hr layover. In Warsaw we stayed in the oldest Hotel of the city with a long history – the Hotel Bristol – with a perfect location to visit the city. The old town was very nicely restored with the old marked square in the center. Due to the Easter Weekend a lot of restaurants, museums and shops were closed – even the viewing terrace of the Bell Tower. Other than the old town there is not so much to visit, there are some nice parks and the Palace of Culture and Science – a 237m skyscraper – which was also closed due to the Easter weekend. Luckily some of the restaurants stayed open, with very good (and cheap!) food. Especially one place with a big menu – half of it with different types of Hot Chocolate :). One long weekend is definitely enough to visit the city.

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