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I was many times in the US, 3 times in San Francisco already, but never for business. I seldom travel for business and if I do the locations are usually far away from the city. Not this time. I had to work on a software upgrade of the satellite transmission trucks for ABC (KGO) downtown San Francisco. During the week I had no time but the weekend before (I flew in Friday) I explored San Francisco a bit. I am really bad with jetlag (9hrs to Germany) so best against it is just walking around a lot. Basically I walked around Fisherman’s wharf, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Downtown, Alamo Square… The weather was surprisingly (really!) bad. It rained most of the time – also during the week… But it gave something to the pictures, especially if the sun came out. Sunday I got lucky with a beautiful morning after heavy rainfall. After a good working week I got my rental car sunday. A Camaro Convertible, V6 > 300 hp… hrrr. And lucky as I was the weather turned great Monday and I could drive without the roof in the sun down the Highway 1 – a dream. The part from Monterey to Big Sur I liked most. I stopped several times – Bixby Bridge was really nice. Further south I photographed some Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas. Unlike my trips to Argentina the males were still on the beach – they are big! I only drove down to Morro Bay which is about half way to LA. Such a nice little town with a big harbor and a huge rock (volcanic origin) in front of the city. I took several pictures during sunset at the beach. Next day I drove the same way back and stayed in Santa Cruz for a night. Before heading back to the Airport I took a detour through Big Basin Redwoods state park with the tall trees. It was definitely worth it spending some days after finishing work and not flying back immediately.


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